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We are the Elísio de Souza Law Firm

Elísio de Souza Law Firm is a law firm that concentrates its activities in the Civil and Business areas, in the advisory, contractual and litigation fields.


In addition to individuals, its clients include companies providing public services, telecommunications and oil and gas companies, stores, sports clubs, condominiums and construction companies, among others.


We have a team of professionals that stands out for their commitment, partnership, creativity and the safe delivery of the solutions demanded by our clients.


Our performance transcends the state of Rio de Janeiro, where our headquarters are located, reaching all other states in the federation. Abroad, we have partners in Lisbon, Portugal.



Trajectory of Success

The activities of the Elísio de Souza law firm began on November 26th, 1971 at the same address where it still operates today, in the central region of Rio de Janeiro, under the name of Paulo Elísio de Souza Law Firm.


Established in a privileged location downtown, with easy access to the most diverse courts in the Rio de Janeiro capital, the firm has always made a point of relying on a professional team of partners, lawyers and top-notch employees, necessary to understand and translate to clients our basic principles and values.


In almost five decades of existence, the quality of the services rendered and the significant successes in court have earned the Elísio de Souza Law Firm recognition in the legal field and in the national market.


Such credibility results from the commitment undertaken by its professionals to always provide the best service, based on ethics, with creativity and maximum quality, providing its clients with security, satisfaction, trust and above average results.

A differentiated team to serve our clients


Since the beginning of our legal activities, our main characteristic has been the direct involvement of our partners in serving clients from the most varied economic and social segments, and in delivering a handcrafted legal practice that results in the best outcomes.


Our work philosophy, which is none other than to provide personalized legal services to each and every person, has attracted, throughout almost 50 years of existence, clients from the most varied fields: from individuals to small, medium and large companies, forming a diversified client portfolio.


The experience acquired in almost half a century of activities has allowed us to improve our legal services, to develop management tools, to optimize costs, to have a good relationship with the judiciary system and, mainly, to better serve our clients.



Partnership, technique and creativity

The partnership, technical diligence and creativity of the professionals at the Elísio de Souza Law Firm are the differentials that have allowed us, over so many years, to know and to participate in our clients’ lives, providing smart solutions and the necessary means to achieve them.


Both in the personal aspect, when dealing with individuals, and in the corporate environment, where a company is the product to be understood and studied, the attention dedicated to understanding challenges allows us to have a unique, necessary vision, that makes it possible to give opinions on the most diverse aspects, facilitating, ultimately, that our client can, in a reasoned and secure way, make the best decision.


This office-client relationship has always been guided by loyalty and trust. The matters entrusted are treated with the same degree of importance and always by professionals who are in search of constant technical improvement, which ensures assertiveness and sustainable improvement of the services provided..



Continuous education and growth

Elísio de Souza Law Firm prioritizes the technical development of its professionals, encouraging continued studies, improvement and high-level academic education. The highest technical qualification is indispensable to achieve the ambitious goals set internally. Based on this premise, the Office provides conditions for the full preparation of professional teams.


In order to serve its clients in demands spread throughout Brazil, with greater representation in Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, São Paulo, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul, the Elísio de Souza law firm relies on a modern legal system for case management, structured on a responsive, fully customized web platform that uses an automation process based on artificial intelligence.


In this context, the Office's proficient performance, always guided by ethics and professionalism, together with its outstanding reputation of efficiency and credibility with the Judiciary System, has led its attorneys to enjoy an excellent personal and professional relationships with the State and Federal Courts.

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