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The highest technical qualification is essential to successfully achieve the ambitious goals set by our team. 
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Lawyer | Founding Partner | Director
Paulo Elísio de Souza

Mr. de Souza is the founding partner of the Firm.  He provides counseling for business transactions, government relations, and is responsible for the Firm’s Portugal Desk (advising Portuguese investors doing business in Brazil). Know more >

Lawyer | Partner
Anderson Elísio Chalita de Souza

Mr. Anderson de Souza is one of the Managing Partners of the Firm.  He also oversees the Firm’s consumer protection group as well as the probate and family law areas of practice. Know more  >

Lawyer | Partner - In Memoriam
Luiz Cláudio Bezerra de Menezes

Mr. Bezerra de Menezes is an experienced litigator with a broad range of experience handling complex commercial litigation mattersKnow more>

Lawyer | Partner
Alexandre Rückert Braga Marques

Mr. Marques has considerable experience in Civil Law, Commercial Law, and government regulatory issues. His professional experience includes the representation of investment banks, energy and agribusiness trading companies. Know more >

Lawyer | Partner
Alessandro Elísio Chalita

Mr. Alessandro de Souza is one of the Managing Partners of the Firm.  He also devotes his practice to commercial, civil, family and consumer protection litigation and has substantial experience representing corporate clients in a variety of civil and commercial cases. Know more >

Lawyer | Partner
James Phillip Bartolomé

He is responsible for the areas of company law, foreign investment in Brazil and intellectual property law – with focus on IT industry

Know more >

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Lawyer | Partner
Danielle Verdan de Carvalho Araújo

Ms. Araújo is an associate attorney with an LLM degree in Civil Procedural Law.  Her professional practice is focused on Family and Probate Law.  Besides individual clients. 

Know more >

Lawyer | Partner
Tanaly de Farias Cumin

Ms. Cumin has a LLM in tax law. 

Her professional experience includes the representation of airlines, banks, credit card and public utilities companies in civil and employment law litigation. Know more >

Lawyer | Partner
Manuel de Paula Pessoa Machado

Associate attorney, Mr. Machado is one of the leaders of the consumer protection litigation team (representation of companies in consumer protection-based individual lawsuits or class actions).

Know more >

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Lawyer | Partner
Francisco Plastina Cavalcanti de Albuquerque
Advogado | Sócio

Associate attorney, Mr. Albuquerque concentrates his practice in media litigation. He has considerable experience representing media, communications and other companies in freedom of speech, libel, privacy, newsgathering and other related matters. Know more >

Sócio, atua como consultor em casos relacionados à gestão pública, direito administrativo, tanto na área consultiva como judicial.

Thiers Montebello atuou como conselheiro do Tribunal de Contas do Município do Rio de Janeiro por 28 anos, sendo 20 deles como presidente da instituição. Saiba mais >

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